Why Morality Should Be Taught In The Classroom

We like to think that all people know goodness, but why? There is no precedent for it. Are all children good at math? Reading? Writing? No. We send kids to school so that they may learn these things. They spend years studying so that they may be properly equipped with these skills. So why is it that parents and parents alone are expected to teach their children right from wrong? What qualifies them? You don’t need a degree to raise a child and yet parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are moral. Kind. Empathetic. No wonder there is war. No wonder there is hate and prejudice and ignorance.

Morality should be taught in the classroom. Not just politeness and social skills, but an actually understanding of empathy and openness. Some parents raise their children this way, but not all kids are so fortunate. The system needs to step up for them. Being a good human being should be just as important as being smart or successful.

This is country is filled with more hate and prejudice than many of us could have imagined. How did manifest? Where was it learned? What precautions were taken against it? We ignored the potency of it, and that is something that must never be done again.

Humanity has many faults, but that does not mean we are lost. We just have to work harder. Love harder.

We must understand that kindness, above all else, should never be taken for granted.


I would like to share some words of wisdom or perhaps a clever little story, but I’m not particularly wise or particularly clever. Actually I am, or at least I think I am, but that is besides the point.

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